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Morning Star Pictures is a film and television production company currently in post-production for Hooked, a romantic dramedy feature film.

Based on the critically-acclaimed novel, Hooked is about a man who believes he found his perfect soulmate but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute. Hooked will bring awareness to human trafficking and help people see autism through a new lens. Hooked the movie is based on the award-winning novel now available on Amazon.

“The high-concept narrative is entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual. It’s a charming, humorous, and hopeful tale. A quirky, touching love story that offers insights into autism, religion, and personal tragedy.” – Kirkus Reviews

We create stories that are entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Hooked screenplay has been honored by these competitions:

Here’s what reviewers wrote about the Hooked screenplay:

“A Very Sweet and Endearing Romantic Comedy”

“A very sweet and endearing romantic comedy with an excellent relationship between Violet and Shawn at the center.”


“Superb Characters, Strong Dialogue.”

“A rewardingly nuanced, three-dimensional, and charming– if unconventional–love story. Strong character voices define the entirety of the plot, while the genuine chemistry between the central roles creates a natural, seemingly effortless appeal within both their relationships and their perspectives in broader terms … Superb characters, strong dialogue, and a polished overall execution wind up rendering a finished product that seems in many ways both moving and entertaining.”


Incredible Characters and Story


“Achieves the Rare Feat of Being Both Funny and Romantic.”

Hooked is a fluently written romantic comedy that both acknowledges and deviates from the conventions in a sparky, original manner … While this set up might seem wildly implausible at first glance, it’s established in a very organic way, with warmth, intelligence and wit – three qualities that characterize the rest of the screenplay … Achieves the rare feat of being both funny and romantic, delivering an emotionally satisfying ending to Violet and Shawn’s misadventures, without patronizing the audience.”


A Lot of Heart, Poignancy and Charm.


“A Sweet, Touching Story.”

Hooked is a sweet, touching story that works to bring out the best in people, using autism as a backdrop.”


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Hooked Named Top 15% in Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

By |October 7th, 2016|Categories: Hooked|Tags: , , , , , , |

The screenplay for Hooked, written by Allen Wolf, was named in the Top 15% in the 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. Hooked was chosen from a record field of 8,627 individual scripts. Founded in [...]


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In My Sleep (2010)

Looking for a thrilling movie to watch while quarantined? Watch our film IN MY SLEEP now available to stream for FREE to Amazon Prime members, on Local Now and Tubi #STAYINWITHFDM #movies #streaming

A sleepwalker awakens with blood on his hands, and news of a lover's murder. As the police close in, he frantically tries to unravel the mystery.

5 months ago

1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism, yet there are very few lead characters in movies who are autistic. That’s one of the reasons we're so excited about our movie Hooked. Our hope is that it ... See more

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Allen Wolf

Check out my interview for AME Radio. We talked about Hooked, human trafficking, and what inspires me as a filmmaker. #humantrafficking #humanrights #autism #awareness #usa #movie #hookedthemovie ... See more

Novels and movies are two powerful ways we communicate stories in our culture.Allen Wolf is an artist who has created both. He’s the award-winning author of the novel Hooked, and then he adapted ... See more

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Timeline Photos

Had a great time watching Hooked with our composer Conrad Pope to talk about all the music he’ll be composing for our film. I’m super excited to hear what he creates. #humantrafficking ... See more

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Hooked: A Romantic Dramady Putting a New Lens on Autism

I did an interview with Autism Radio where we talked about how we protrayed autism in Hooked. I'm thankful for everyone who helped us portay autism accurately in our movie. #humantrafficking ... See more

Join filmmaker Allen Wolf as he discusses his upcoming film Hooked, a romantic dramady where the lead character is Autistic. This film will bring awareness to help people to see autism through a new ... See more

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Timeline Photos

This pic is me with our amazing lead actors on the last day of our shoot. Today is the last day of our rally to complete Hooked! If you've been waiting to contribute, now's the time! Check out our ... See more

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

On the set of Hooked with three of our lead actors. We’re in the final days of our big rally to complete Hooked and we’re over 60% there! Join us at www.supporthooked.com and be a part of a ... See more

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Allen Wolf award winning filmmaker Allen Wolf-Hooked

I just did a fun interview on the Hollis Chapman show. We talked about Hooked, writing, making movies when I was growing up in Ohio, and some of our filmmaking adventures. Enjoy! I have more ... See more

Allen Wolf-An award-winning filmmaker, Allen began making films at an early age while growing up in Dayton, Ohio. At age 9, he wrote his first screenplay and soon after began creating short films ... See more

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We're 56% toward our goal. Amazing! Thank you to all the incredible people helping us complete Hooked. You rock! Join our team at www.supporthooked.com to help us complete our movie. ... See more

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